Big boys don´t cry… but when they do?

An interdisciplinary performance with five dancers and one live musician. The residency and premiere took place at Katapult Berlin and the videoprojection of the piece done by Projeto Solo was streamed at Alps Move Festival (Italy) and Die Bäckerei (Austria) in October 2020.

Choreography Marion Sparber in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers Alan Fuentes Guerra, Woosang Jeon, Aaron Lang, Leon Casper Stille and Ilan Gratini
Music Sebastián Vidal
Duration 01:15 h

Synopsis Big Boys don´t cry… but when they do? is a multidisciplinary dance theater performance. Influenced by the art disciplines of dance, circus, and music, the traditional image of men is questioned in a sarcastic and theatrical way. What does it mean to be a man? What effects do emancipation, equality, and upbringing have on men? Six men and six nationalities examine behavior, expectations, and traditions. Inspired by stereotypical movement patterns, the choreographer asks the dancers to examine different roles of the man and to represent them with the help of different dynamics. The dancers provoke and disturb the audience by changing abruptly between movement qualities, characters, and emotions. Impressive movement material and recognizable mood swings capture the audience’s attention and are an exciting experience for every age group, especially for pubescent audiences. The guitarist, Sebastian Vidal, reacts improvising to the different moods of the performers and creates images of the choreographer. Metallic beats and subtle, atmospheric soundscapes support the performance.

Big boys don´t cry… but when they do? has been performed in the following theatres and venues: Austria Brux – Freies Theater Innsbruck Germany Delphi Theater / raamwerk (Freiluft-Experiment Untere Königsstraße) Kassel / Katapult Berlin Italy Alps Move Festival.

Support This piece is supported by Amt für Deutsche Kultur Südtirol, Provinz Trentino-Südtirol, the Stiftung Sparkasse Südtirol, Südtiroler Theaterverband, WELL being Stiftung and produced by IDEA – Tanz Theater Performance.

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